Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Fall Collection!!!

I finally have my fall collection up in my shop and I can't wait to show you!

First, I have been working on this one for a while.
It was a TON of work to paint (seriously), but I love how it turned out.
It is the ABC's of family rules.
It would also be perfect as classroom rules or playroom rules.
Inspired by a custom order that I got, I fell in love with this Audrey Hepburn quote:
I first painted just the "pretty girls" part of the quote, but then decided to paint a board with the whole thing...
Trying something new...this "I LOVE YOU BECAUSE..." sign is chalkboard :)
The idea is to leave little love notes behind for your husband, your kids, etc.
I'm thinking of painting a personalized one for each of my kids so that I can constantly surprise them by changing the message and telling them new reason why I love them.
This has always been one of my favorite quotes, so I couldn't resist.
Plus, after painting the extra large family rules, I needed some simplicity.
What do you think?

Another favorite quote and good reminder...and a new color.
"Vintage Plum".  I love it!  I thought my fall collection could use some deeper colors.
ABC - I love you.
Can you find the hidden "I {heart} U".
I thought it was obvious, but I keep having to point it out to people, so it must be more subtle than I thought it was.
I gave you a sneak peek of this one last week, but since, I've painted it in a few more colors to try it out.

The Harvest Collection:
I wanted to add some seasonal items to my shop so Nate and I decided to try out a wooden pennant banner.  I had to go hang it by my garden since that's what time of year it is "harvest."  I also found this darling burlap ribbon that I am currently in love with.  I need to go back to the store and buy out everything they have of it :)

"Pumpkin Patch" painted on weathered wood and sitting on a garden stake.
I put mine next to the pumpkins in my garden, but it also looked cute in a pot on my front porch next to where the Halloween pumpkins will be when it gets closer to Halloween.
"Falling for You - Autumn Leaves".
This was an experiment, but I think it turned out fun.
What do you think?
Once again, on weathered wood.
"Trick or Treat"
hand painted on a weathered wood block.
Can you tell I've been loving my weathered wood this season?
Because this is a block, it can sit anywhere in your house without a stand.
I had to paint this bag to remind myself that I am an artist and not just a painter.
I love making and designing signs, but every so often, I need to really paint.
This one glows in the dark too :)
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  1. you've got some great stuff!! love it all- especially the chalkboard idea and those ABC's.....