Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What can I say?

Today is a big day.  
Saxon is graduating from preschool.
Since he is graduating, I thought I'd re-tell a story that happened about a month ago in preschool...

Some happenings from my life as Supermom:

Saxon has a favorite pair of underwear...the Batman boxer briefs from Aunt BB.  He wants to wear them everyday.  Sometime I will put different undies on him after his bath, and when he wakes up, he is wearing Batman boxer briefs.  He digs through the laundry basket and finds them no matter how deep I bury them.  This morning, he was wearing Batman boxer briefs, but I didn't have time to battle him, because we were running late for preschool.  I put his jeans on him and  he said,
"You need to fix my undies.  They are bunched up like a diaper."
So, I straightened the boxer briefs as best I could and re-buttoned his pants.
"They are still bunched up!"
So, I told him to change undies then.  
He said no.  
Then we left for school.
After school Saxon told me that something weird happened in school today. 
He was playing and a pair of Superman undies "disappeared" into his jeans and fell out the leg hole.
"You mean you took your undies off in school?"
"No, mom, different undies disappeared into my jeans, and now they are in my backpack!"
Apparently there had been a pair of undies stuck inside his jeans when I put them on him this morning.  (No wonder they felt bunched up).  Gradually they worked there way down until they fell out his leg hole during school.
"What did your teacher say?"
"She laughed and said 'That's ok Saxon!'"
So I held my breath as I looked in his backpack hoping that they were at least clean undies.
They were not.
A few days ago we had some beautiful weather and I took my kids to the park.
It seemed like everyone in our neighborhood was out and it was so fun to visit with all of the moms.
I sat Dalton in front of me while I chatted and the kids played.
Then Saxon came up and started saying,
"mom. mom. mom. mom. mom." etc.
I ignored him because I was talking to someone and I thought he was being rude for interrupting.
When I finally looked at him and said, "Yes Saxon?"
He said, "Dalton's eating dirt."
I looked down.
Dalton had eaten as many dirt clods from the freshly aerated lawn as he could get his little paws on and was now drooling mud.
Today Brittany and I went to McDonalds for lunch to let the kids play.
On the way home Bridger was begging for a drink, so I handed him my Diet Coke.
(I know, I know...)
Then Andi called so I was talking on the phone to her.
Bridger was in the back seat whining.
I ignored him.
Finally I hear him really getting worked up,
"I stuck!"
I got off the phone and asked him what the big deal was.
Well, it was 2 things:
1.  The Diet Coke was gone.
2.  Once it was gone, he had taken out the straw and stuck his finger in the hole instead, and now he was stuck.

Whenever I go out, I get a lot of attention for my 3 boys.
Mostly I get "Wow!  You really have your hands full!"
I'm starting to think that I make it look hard.
Either that or we are way more out of control than I feel like we are.
Oh well.
What can I say?

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  1. Hilarious stories! I needed that laugh this morning - thanks! :)