Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Starting the Garden

On Saturday, we were finally able to make it out to work on our garden.
The weather was perfect and I've been dying to get my onions and carrots started.
We spread out a blanket for the babe:
Bridger helped bury the drip lines...
And Saxon helped sprinkle the bunny poop.
Yes, bunny poop.
Isn't that gross?
Everyone I've talked to swears that it makes the garden grow better than anything else.
Since my cousin has lots of bunnies, and lots of bunny poop, we borrowed some.
I'll let you know how it goes :)
Has anyone ever tried it before?
Of course I had to take a few breaks to sunbathe with my baby-cakes.

After 3 hours of working in the garden, all we got planted were the onions.
Ha ha.
I'm still new to gardening and forget how long it can take.
We'll have to continue where we left off this weekend.
And speaking of gardens, remember my greenhouse garden on my balcony?
It is doing AMAZING!
I'll take some pictures and post them because it was too easy and so fun!

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