Friday, July 27, 2012

The Glass House

Has anyone been following ABC's The Glass House this year?

One of my best friends from high school, ANDREA, is competing on it this year.
I think she's brave, and maybe a little crazy, for doing it, but I really want her to win!

Here's just one is example of how great Andrea (and her family) are:

When Nate and I got engaged, we decided to get married in CA even though we were both living in UT.  That's where my family is and I had always wanted to get married in Los Angeles.  We needed a lot of help, planning it from a distance, and I didn't even know who to ask because I hadn't lived at home in so long.

On the day of my wedding, Andrea's Mom showed up and helped set up the entire thing, then helped with the food, and then helped clean up.  We didn't even ask her.  We invited their family and not only did they come, but they helped!

Then, Andrea and her husband helped me buy a mattress for our new bed at wholesale prices.

Then, while I was on my honeymoon, her Dad fixed my car for me.

 So, if any of you watch the Glass House,

Have a great weekend everyone! :)


  1. That's so crazy....Andrea is my friend's sister-in-law.

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