Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympics 2012

Has everyone been watching the Olympics?

I made my kids watch the opening ceremonies with my so I could tell them about how wonderful and unique it is for the whole world to get together to celebrate.
I LOVE the Olympics.
I pointed out my favorite countries to my kids and I cheer for any event with the USA, Brazil, or Romania, and for Nate's sake, Italy too :)

I've been keeping the Olympics on TV all the time so I can stay up to date and on what's going on.  I find myself cheering for events that I know nothing about, like rowing :)

My favorite event is always gymnastics.
I don't know why, I just love it.
The girls are so young and have worked so hard, I just want to see them win.

My boys are excited to see soccer (since soccer season just started).

They announced during the opening ceremonies that there are some countries that come to the Olympics every year but have never medaled, so I find myself cheering them on as well.

I just love the spirit of the Olympics.
I love watching the best athletes come together in one place and compete.
I love watching world records broken.
I love watching good sportsmanship.
I even really like hearing all of the different national anthems.

When the Olympics came to SLC, my roommates and I waited up late at night, in the freezing cold, to watch the Olympic torch pass through Provo.
I even have a picture to prove it :)
We're all bundled up in quilts and freezing to death, but we were there!

What's your favorite part of the Olympics?

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