Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIWW - Yellow Skinnies

Have I mentioned before that I have been dying for yellow pants?
I have wanted some all winter, all spring, and this summer, I finally got some!
I was so excited!

They are so bright and summery and fun!
I bought them a size too big because when I've noticed as I've tried on a million pairs of skinny jeans, that super tight ones can be kind of sheer.
They get a little baggy in the knees, but it's better than see-through :) LOL. 
shirt - thrifted
pants - Head Over Heels
Shoes - Target
sunglasses - Nordstrom $10
Baby - all mine! :)

The only problem with light colored skinnies is that they get soooooo dirty by the end of the day!  Can you see the dirty foot prints going down the front of my pants?  I have solid dirty streak that is right at the level of where Dalton's feet hang down when I hold him.

Plus, we rode our bikes to the library today for summer reading and trying to maneuver all three bikes into the crowded bike rack didn't help either.
Oh well.  They're still my favorite pants :)

(as always...linking up to the pleated poppy)


  1. Love! I'm patiently waiting for bright colored pants at my local thrift store! It could take me months as well! ;)

  2. So cute! I love colored skinnies! I have red ones and white ones and every time I wear the white ones I wonder what I was thinking. The girls get them so dirty!

  3. So cute! I love the yellow! I've been wanting some pink skinnies! I am searching for the perfect pair. :)