Thursday, May 31, 2012


For Memorial Day Weekend, we went down to St. George.
We thought we'd spend the whole weekend at the pool,
but the weather was really windy!
So instead, we spent one day hiking, and another day we went to Sand Hollow Reservoir.
Finally, on the last day, we spent the whole day at the pool.
It's been a long time since I've had a weekend getaway.
Actually, the last time was two years ago when I was pregnant with Dalton.
I know people who give themselves weekend getaways all the time.
They always say "I just needed a weekend away."
I always laugh and think 

"well wouldn't that be be able to just vacation whenever you want..."

Part of it is because I don't usually need a weekend away that often, but part of it is that I'm a little jealous that I couldn't just take a weekend away whenever I want.  We can't afford it.  Usually our weekends are spent finishing up etsy orders from the previous week.  When we do something fun, it's local, and it's free.

However, I have been really stressed out lately.
About nothing in particular, just life.
I always have a million things to do and I can never finish the whole  list.
We never have money and I'm always stressed about it.
Last month I forgot to pay our HOA fee.  How did that happen?  I never miss a bill!  Regardless of how it happened, now we owe twice this month, plus a late fee.  
And I feel like I'm always yelling at my boys.  Because ever time I try to get anything done, they mess up something else and then that gets added to my list.  All I really want to do is take them to the pool every day, but somethings just have to get done first.  Then I feel like a terrible mom because I'm torn between what I want to do and what needs to be done.

After this weekend, I feel totally rejuvenated.
It felt so good to take a weekend off and just play.
I didn't check my phone, I didn't bring my computer, I didn't answer emails.
We spent all day outside having an adventure, and then we would come home, take showers, eat dinner, and watch Vampire Diaries.
(My friend just loaned it to me and says she's sure I'll get's true...I'm starting to like it...)

I think there's something to be said for taking a weekend off.
It's rejuvenating to step away for a while.
When you come back, everything seems more manageable.
Now I'm ready for summer and I'm excited :)

When was the last time you took a weekend off?

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