Thursday, May 3, 2012

Picking Paint

I've decided that I want to re-paint, but I'm can't seem to decide on the color.
I bought a million samples, and narrowed it down to two.
I really want a soft, pretty, creamy tan.  Not too yellow or pink or green or gold, etc.
Just, soft and neutral, because eventually, we want to rent out our townhouse and get a small home somewhere.  So I want the colors to be something that I like, but also that a future renter would appreciate.

So, here's what I've got so far... 

Cozy Cottage on top
Raffia Cream on the bottom 

(both colors are the middle one on the pallet and both are painted on the wall behind) 

My problem now, is that they are so similar, that I can't even see the line in between them.  So, does it matter which one I pick if I can hardly tell a difference anyway?

Boys Bathroom:
 Currently yellow.  I want it to be gray.
First I tried "upward" (the one on the right.  In the bottle, it looked like a soft watery gray.  On the wall, a dark bluish gray.  Paint is so deceiving...

On the left, Martha Stewart Cumulus Cloud.
In the bottle, a whitish gray.  On the wall...true gray.
I think I like it.  What do you think?
My bedroom:
Also currently yellow (obviously I like color)

On the top: Martha Stewart Opal.
On the bottom: Martha Stewart Cumulus Cloud.

I like both, but in my room, Cumulus Cloud looks dark gray.
I wanted a barely there moonlight kind of gray, so I think maybe opal.
I'm just afraid, judging my the name, that it might turn out kind of blue...
My bathroom:
(currently green)

Top: Opal
Bottom: Cumulus Cloud

Opal looks just white in the bathroom and Cloud looks like a light gray.
I think I might have to do Opal in the bedroom and Cloud in the bathroom.
What do you think?
Picking paint stresses me out.
It's hard to really tell what it will look like, and it's so much work that if you get it wrong, it's a huge pain and more money, to have to re-do it.


  1. so funny. You are going from bright colors to more neutral. When I built my house I did all neutrals and now I'm going to all bright colors 2 years later. Just did my bedroom in yellow!

    1. Me too! I did all neutral and then I got bored so I went bright. I LOVE yellow! But now, I'm afraid that no one will want to rent it one day will all of my bright colors so I'm toning it down :)

  2. I love this post because I have had bright colors for a very long time and now want white/ family room is a green and I am having such a hard time deciding what color to go with. There is not a lot of natural light so I want to brighten it with a light color...I am afraid the grey might be too grey/drab....picking colors IS stressful!!!! I have had my eye on 'cumulus cloud' for a while now!