Friday, April 27, 2012

Hush Little Baby...

"Hush little baby..." has always been one of my favorite lullabies.
My mom taught it to me, and now I sing it to my kids.
We sing a lot of lullabies at my house trying to get my kids in bed.

Last night, I put all of my kids to bed and told them not to come out for anything less than the room burning down.
Saxon asked "So, if we think the house is burning down we can come out?"
"No, you have to actually see flames.  Good-night".  And I shut the door.
Five minutes later..."MOM!"
I peek in there "Bridger is pretty sure he saw flames..." 

Later, once Saxon and Dalton had been snuggled to sleep, I sat on my bed snuggling Bridger and singing "Hush little baby..."  They call it the "Knockingbird song" LOL.
After I sang every verse, and got to the end, Bridger said, "Thanks mom.  Now can you sing the Avengers Theme Song.  That's my favorite."
"Umm...I don't think I know the Avengers song?"
"Everyone knows it...Saxon knows it...Dad knows don't even know it?"
"We could go watch it on TV so you can know it." 

Apparently I have some things to learn.
In the mean time, I sang "Hush little baby..." about a dozen more times.