Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What we wore (in green)

What did we wear this week?
Friday was Saxon's St. Patrick's Day Party at school so we wore green.
Saturday was St. Patrick's Day so we wore green.
Sunday we had a St. Patrick's Day we wore green.

The boys got their new St. Patrick's Day socks:
(Target dollar spot)
Me and Baby Cakes matched in our green shirts and jeans.
-My green shirt: Shade Clearance $2
-Dalton's green shirt: Old Navy Clearance $2
It was a stretch to find enough green for 3 days...
This was our best day :)
My 3 little leprechauns:
Once, several years ago, I was talked into green eye shadow at the MAC counter.
I love MAC eye shadows and wanted something different.
So, the girl working did my makeup in green and gold.
I loved it when she did it!
I couldn't ever get it quite as good on my own though. honor of St. Patrick's Day...I thought I would give green another shot:
Did anyone else end up in a lot of green this week?

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  1. cute!! the boys look so cute and big sitting on the porch! love you all