Thursday, March 22, 2012

Time to Potty Train...

The other day, I put Dalton down for his nap.
He's a really good napper, so he usually just lays on his pillow-pet and goes to sleep.
This time, however, I heard him calling me after about 20 minutes.
I ignored him for a while, but he started sounding more insistent.
I finally went in to check on him and the whole room smelled like poop.
" have stinky diaper...that's why you can't sleep."
Dalton nodded his head that he was indeed stinky, and point down.
It was then that I saw the problem
He took of his diaper and pooped in his crib!!!!
He's never taken his diaper off before.

This is the kind of job that I usually try to pawn off on my husband, but it was the middle of the day and he wouldn't be home for hours.  Which meant that I need to plug my nose and just take care of it.  I washed my hands like a 1000 times after because I felt like I could smell poop where ever I went.

Dalton felt bad about it and has since made a few unsuccessful attempts and peeing in the potty.
It might be time to start potty training because I DO NOT want to clean up any more poop out of the sheets!


  1. LOL!
    You think TOCAT in OSIRIS is " GROSS"?
    Just wait for the movie on all your ASPETS- ASOCHER- SOUL ASS.
    Then we'll see who's LOL.
    And just for a " teaser" let's put out PROMPHOE - DICHATIL - POTTILE.
    LOL again time?
    How about, EVELLAVA - LAWAVA ?
    Then we can add MENEIN- GEESIS for the religious " subdued" effect.

  2. Ahhh! I was eating chocolate pudding while reading this. I'm done with pudding for awhile. Boys. Gross little buggers. lol.