Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I Wore...leggings

I have been loving my leggings lately.
Partly...because they are so comfortable.
Partly...because they fit so well with my boots.
It drives me crazy when the knees of my jeans get baggy right above my boots.
It makes me feel sloppy.
And this is what happens when the only available photographer is your 5 year old and your 3 year old decides that he wants to model his jammies:
I couldn't bring myself to enlarge this picture...
Not that I don't appreciate Saxon's willingness to be my photographer...but, you know :)
Then Nate got home from work and snapped a few in between the kids running circles around me:

A few more from Saxon:

And the one where everyone decides to model:
shirt- crazy 8's
pants- H&M
put his jammies on half-way through the day because it's jeans "aren't real comfy".
Not really sure where his pants went...I think he took them off while he was napping...I'll have to check the crib...
Shirt- shade long sleeve
Dress- hand me down from Britt...not really sure but I think it's Forever 21
Leggings- Charlotte Russe
Boots- Christmas gift...not sure where they are from, but they are fur lined so I love them in our cold Utah winters.
Today I had to run to the grocery store with my boys.  When I left my house, at noon, my phone said it was 14 degrees outside.  Freezing!
Needless to say...this outfit also included a big winter coat.
Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. Love your outfit!!! :) Those boots are adorable!

  2. I love this outfit on you :) your boots are SO cute - if only we had the same size FEET - dang!
    ps - the shirt is target ;) lol

  3. cute!! i'm always afraid that if i wear leggings my butt's gonna look HUUUUUUUGE! or that i'll look weird somehow. like my legs are big or something, i dunno. but you look super cute so maybe i'll give it a shot! i usually do it during the summer with dresses that are too short with SOMETHING underneath. ;) love it!!

    1. oops, i meant "too short withOUT something underneath." stupid fingers. ;)

  4. I love my legging for the same reason! When I wear jeans and boots I feel like I'm constantly adjusting and never happy with the outfit. Leggings fix this problem marvelously! :) And I LOVE your boots. And the kiddos are adorbs as well. :)