Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Time-Out Chair

I found this on Pinterest, but it looks like it originally came from Babble.
I think it's genius.
It's a 5 minute timer...I want one :)
As I've mentioned before, we live in a small, 2 bedroom townhouse.

When my kids are naughty, there aren't a lot of places to put them that are far enough away from the action.  If I put them in their room, they either play with toys, or keep coming out because they can hear what's going on in the other room.  My boys also have a tendency to want to rescue each other from time-out.  Whichever boy is not in time out will try to break the other one out of time out.  It's sort of funny, but kind of naughty.

I've finally settled on the bathroom being the best place for a time out.
I sit them on top of the toilet and tell them that they can't come out until I say so.

I usually let them come out once they have calmed down and said sorry.

Sometimes I feel like I need a time out from them.
When they are being especially naughty, and I can feel myself getting too frustrated, it seems to help if I remove myself from the situation rather than them.
It's pretty effective too.
I feel better with a moment to breathe, and they are so baffled by the turn of events that it snaps them out of their tantrums.  Usually they are all set to fight because they are expecting me to drag them to time out.

But I would really love a time out hour glass LOL.


  1. Wow, that is great but think about trying to get the kids to finally sit on it. It could take 5 minutes. lol. I wish I could take time outs too!

  2. Oh my gosh I am going to need one of those when my babe gets a bit older. LOVE IT!

    I saw you were a Utah Blogger and just had to stop by and say hi! :)