Monday, January 9, 2012

Impromptu Road Trip

Every since my sister Brooke went away to BYUH, I've been trying to figure out when I can see her next.  I really want to fly to Hawaii and spend a week with her (who wouldn't?)...but we don't really have the money for any major vacations...much less a trip to Hawaii.
I wanted to spend Christmas with my family in CA, but Nate works for Walgreens, and they can't take any time off during the holiday months.
So, as soon as all of the holidays were over, we decided to take a last minute weekend road trip to CA to see Brooke before she had to fly back.
Since we drove all the way there, my mom took us to DISNEYLAND for the day!
It was magical!
I'm from CA, but we've never taken or kids to Disneyland because it is so expensive.
My mom found some discount tickets and we packed a lunch, and had the time of our lives!
I had a talk with my kids on the way down there, explaining that our special treat was that we get to go to Disneyland.  We are not asking for anything while we are there!  They were SO GOOD!  They didn't ask for one single thing.  They just enjoyed the magic of being at Disneyland.
The day after Disneyland, we spent the day at Venice Beach.
My mom grew up in Venice, and it just doesn't feel like a trip home without a trip to Venice Beach.  The weather was beautiful!
Did everyone else have unseasonably warm weather last week?
Then we had to hit up our favorite Mexican Food place...Titos.  :)
After a few wonderful days of family and sunshine, we headed home to Utah.
What did you do this weekend?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Kids and Disneyland are such a great combination! So glad you had a fun time!

  2. oh i went to Disney World for the first time a few weeks ago and it was so wonderful!! i'm sure Disneyland would be the same. (: that warm weather sounds great!

    thanks for entering the giveaway! good luck. (:

  3. That looks so lovely!! I'm glad you had such a special time with your family!

  4. Sounds and looks like fun! I can't wait to take my kids to Disneyland someday!

  5. This trip was so fun! I dont look too happy in that picture though haha it was SO hot. ahh i miss you guys so much already :(