Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I Wore...Plaid

This is the new shirt I got for my birthday :)
I had high hopes for this outfit post because I felt like it looked good when I left in the morning.
But...after a morning of dropping Saxon off at preschool, errands, laundry, dishes, climbing under the Christmas tree to water it, picking up Saxon from school, off to meet Brittany for lunch...all in the middle of a huge windstorm...
This is what I looked like:
(I only included the better should have seen the rest...)
Shirt: Nordstrom Sale $15
Flower clip: Love Stitched
Earrings: Love Stitched
I was especially excited to show off my hair (which now only looks wind-blown).
I can't ever pull off second day hair.  It always looks limp and greasy.
I wash my hair every day.
Then, I tried crimping it with Brittany's 3 barrel waver.
The next looked pretty much the same.
So for the first time, I had decent second day hair.
I braided it and let some of the curls fall forward.
It looked pretty (until I stepped outside.)
I guess you're going to have to imagine it LOL :)


  1. Love your shirt and love the flower in your hair!

    p.s. your hair still looks good! =D

  2. cute! i've been wanting to get a plaid shirt, super cute! and i love the yellow flower, makes a great contrast!

  3. Cute! Your so cute.. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that can't pull of 2 nd hair day and has to wash it everyday!

  4. This happens to me all of the time. I will start out with a cute outfit, intending to take photos, and then half my day is gone and I've got baby booger on my sleeve. You still look fab! Love the plaid for sure :)

    If Work Permits

  5. I so LOVE that flower! It's adorable. And your hair does not look bad at all! You should see mine after a windy day - it's a disaster.