Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Recap - part 3

After staying up most of the night on Christmas Eve getting everything ready, I was wiped out.  I didn't even wake up when Saxon sneaked into my room in the morning.  I woke up to him whispering "Mom...looks like I've been good..."  LOL  After multiple threats of "Santa is NOT going to come this year if you act like that!"  he had to sneak out and verify for himself.

Here we are, so excited we can't stand it!
Except for Dalton.
This is how he felt about it:
Saxon LOVED his legos:
Bridger LOVED his Hotwheels:
I like it when my kids get gifts that make them think (like legos, race tracks to build, and books, and games).  My least favorite toy of the year: "Doggie Doo."

My cousin thought it would be hilarious to give Dalton a dog that poops.  You feed it "food" (which is more like slime) and take it for a walk.  As you wiggle it along, the slime makes it's way through the dog's body until it lands on your floor.  It even comes with pooper-scoopers in a variety of colors.  Each kid gets their very own.  Yeah.

What is your least favorite toy?  Whoopie cushions, Nerf darts, and Moon Sand also top my list of least favorites...

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