Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Recap - part 2

After the fruity pebbles disaster and the peeing on the shower curtain disaster...Nate got home just in the nick of time.  He finished putting the house together and dressing the kids while I finished putting dinner together:

Costco Christmas Ham:
comes spiral cut and with a package to make your own glaze.  I love "Honeybaked Ham" but they are so expensive, and the Costco one is a comparable alternative.
This is my favorite salad recipe.  Not only is it fresh and fun, but I love the colors :)
-Romaine Lettuce
-1 Granny Smith Apple cut into pieces
-1 Pear cut into pieces
-Strawberries sliced
-Feta Cheese
-Candied Almonds (we mix sliced almonds with sugar in a skillet until the sugar melts and caramelizes on the almonds)
-Brianna's Blush Wine Vinaigrette Dressing
Christmas Lemonade:
2 liter bottle of lemonade
64 ounces of cranberry juice
orange slices
Christmas M&Ms:
Once we finished dinner, Gm. & Gp. G gave the kids matching jammies to open.  The big boys are Bumblebee from Transformers, and Baby E is a baby bumblebee :)  She's so cute!
After about a dozen attempts at a family picture...this is the best one we got:
Trying to get a "Grandma and Grandpa picture" was even harder.  We settled for getting everyone is the picture, even if no one was looking:
Once everyone left, we started trying to settle down the kids.  We tracked Santa online and let them know that they better hurry :)  We finally got Saxon down, and Dalton down, but Bridger was too wound up to sleep.  It was midnight by the time he was finally asleep...

I was cursing myself for not finishing wrapping all of the presents ahead of time.  At midnight, Nate and I started getting everything ready for Christmas Day...

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  1. That fruit salad looks delicious! It looks like you had a great Christmas :)

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