Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I Wore...All on sale :)

 This week I wanted to show off my fun new rosette necklace from Love Stitched!
I got this great oatmeal colored shirt on sale, but it looked a little plain.
The pop of color from the rosettes was just what it needed!
Shirt: Charlotte Russe $9 SALE
Boots: Charlotte Russe $20 SALE
Jeans: Maddux Couture $15 SALE
Necklace: LOVE Stitched GIFT (Thanks Britt!)
Ring: LOVE Stitched (borrowed)
Scarf: LOVE Stitched (borrowed)
Bracelet: Brighton GIFT
I've been wanting a loose shirt to go with my skinny jeans and I love this one.
It's that oatmeal color and it goes with everything!
And just out of I look FREEZING in these pictures?
Because it was FREEZING and WINDY outside.
I was shivering, my eyes were watering, and I had goosebumps.
My future fashion posts might include me in a huge winter coat, hat, gloves, scarf, etc. because I do not enjoy being cold.
In fact, I get a little bummed out in the winter.
Does anyone else start to miss the sunshine too?


  1. Super cute outfit! I need a shirt in oatmeal because it is so neutral!

  2. ick I get bummed out in winter too. I try to make up for it with lots of blankets, super warm socks, cute boots, skinny jeans, scarves, and awesome jackets :D Who ever said layering wasn't sexy? :]

  3. i want it have such a cute style:)

  4. that is a gorgeous necklace, i love fabric necklaces. and the variety of colors in the necklace, gorgeous outfit! found your blog today, love it! newest follower :-)

  5. I love those sleeves-they look great on you! It's freezing where I am too.

  6. I am loving those boots! You look gorgeous, even though you were freezing. :)

  7. Love the oatmeal - it does go with everything but also is just slighly different to normal whites and creams!

  8. CUTE outfit! And no, can't tell that you're freezing on that cute lil street!

  9. You don't look cold at all! I hate the cold too! I want warm and sunshine :( Cute outfit, remarkable sale prices!

  10. You don't look freezing at all. I think I'm the opposite of you because I'm sick of the sunshine (in AZ!) I need the freezing :)

    If Work Permits

  11. love the outfit!! you dont look cold... if you were in georgia the outfit would pretty much be weather appropriate.

  12. Absolutely! Yes I miss the warm sun in the winter. Your outfit though is SUPER cute and you don't look cold at all. Funny how that is isn't it!

  13. You look great! Casual but chic!