Thursday, November 10, 2011

Guest Post - DIY Faux Fur Vest Tutorial

 Today I have an awesome tutorial for you from one of my sponsors:
She has a darling blog full of tons of great ideas and tutorials.
THIS is one of my favorites.

Today she is showing us how to make a DIY faux fur vest.

Fur is coming into style this winter season.

I am not quite sure how I feel about the vests...they are stylish, look warm, and are a fabulous accessory to add onto any outfit.  However, I just am not sure it's "me".  Instead of buying a vest, I decided to make one to test out the trend and see how it would look on me.
1 yd Faux Fur
Tape Measure
Fabric Shearers

Step 1:  Using the paper, draw a football shape that measures about 6" long.  This will serve as your arm holes on your vest.
Step 2:  Cut out the football shape and place aside for later use.
Step 3:  Using the tape measure, find the length between your shoulders (measuring from the armpit). 
Step 4:  Cut a piece of string double the length of your shoulders. 
Step 5:  Fold the string in half and loop around the end of your highlighter/marker.
Step 6:  Place the end of the string (not marker end) in the center of the fabric (face down) and using the marker, draw a perfect circle.
Step 7:  Cut out the circle using fabric shearers (this will prevent future fraying).  Make sure to shake fabric out ( I recommend outside) after cutting. You will have quite a bit of loose fur.
Step 8:  Lay the circle back on the ground, right side down.  Using the football shape, mark your armholes.  Place the shape 8" in from the left side and trace.  Using your doubled string, measure the width of your shoulders from one football shape across the fabric and place your other armhole here.  Trace.
Step 9:  Cut out the armholes by bunching the fabric up and cutting a slip.  
Step 10:  Once both armholes are cut, take fabric outside to shake  the access fur off.
Step 11:    Try it on!  You have a cropped faux fur vest.  To make a longer vest, add a shoulder length to either side as well as the bottom of the circle.  

Notice the cute clutch?
She's giving it away on her blog...

I LOVE it!  Thank you so much Evanne!
I hope everyone will go check out her blog and send over some love <3


  1. Wow! This looks like something I could even do! I am pinning this so I can do it later. :)

  2. What a creative way to try this style out! Fur things always intimidate me too and I'm never sure if they'll fit in with my style, but this seems like a super easy, affordable way to try it out.

  3. What a fun project! And I LOVE the cute clutch purse. Fantastic shade of brown!

  4. nice DIY girl! I have a blog too about DIY! :D I follow you now! :) Have a nice week!