Thursday, November 24, 2011


Last night we played "I am thankful for..." with the kids.
They had no interest in it until we said that whoever could name the blessings "wins."

Here are some things that we are thankful for:

Caitlin: My family.  Without question.  I am so grateful for my husband and my kids.  I have a husband who comes home after a long day at work to help me paint signs and take care of kids.  I have 3 gorgeous kids who I love to pieces and I am so grateful to be their mom!

Nate:  Having a job.  In a scary economy, I am grateful that Nate has a job too.  I have big dreams of one day getting a better job (LOL) but at least he has a job. 

Saxon:  Brothers and the whole world. :)

Bridger: Big Blue.  (Big blue is our minivan.  We are all soooo grateful to have Big Blue.  After squishing all three kids into a tiny car for almost a year, we were so grateful when we saved up enough to be able to afford a down payment on Big Blue.  The color wouldn't have been my first choice, but we it makes for a fun nickname).

Dalton:  I'm pretty sure he loves having big brothers.

As our game went on, our list of blessings became more and more obscure.
It was fun to remember things that we often forget to be thankful for.
Bridger told us that he is thankful that he can poop in the potty.
I am thankful that he can poop in the potty too LOL.

As the game ended, Saxon declared that "the boys team wins!!!"
Since I am the only girl in the house, I guess I didn't stand a chance :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. very cute! I should play this with my kids today :)