Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What we wore...RAINBOOTS

Has anyone else had CRAZY weather this year?
One day it is in the high 80's...
the next day it's in the 40's.
Cold. Wet. Rainy.
The perfect day for: RAINBOOTS
What I wore:
Rainboots: Target clearance $6
Jeans: IT hand-me-downs - FREE
White shirt: Forever 21 $3
Black Sweater: hand-me-down - FREE
Necklace: Love Stitched - gift - FREE
What Saxon wore:
Rainboots: Target sale $10
Shirt: ELEMENT from Ross $8
Jeans: H & M - $9
Hat: Gap "hats, gloves, scarfs, sale" $5
What Bridger wore:
Rainboots: Target - gift :) - FREE
Jeans: H & M - $9
Shirt: Old Navy sale
Hat: Macy's $14.99
What Dalton wore:
Jeans: Crazy 8's end of summer sale - $10
Shirt: Crazy 8's end of summer sale - $5
Shoes: Jack & Lily from Costco - $14 
(Photos by Love Stitched)
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  1. Okay you've got the cutest little family ever! Super fun to all wear rain boots. What a GREAT idea!

  2. Cute boys. I have 4 GIRLs. A different world over at my place. Glad I found your blog.(: