Thursday, October 13, 2011

Damask Pinboard - Tutorial

I've been loving burlap lately and decided to try out a burlap pinboard.
Here's what I started with:
First I painted the frame gray,
then I picked a stencil (damask)
and centered it on the burlap.
Then I painted on the design.
And pulled off the stencil...
I love painting on burlap!
Then I sprayed the corkboard with spray glue.
I did that because the burlap wants to bend and move around in the frame since there isn't any glass holding it in place.  Just a little spritz of spray glue and my burlap stayed right where I put it.
Then I assembled it and put it back in the frame.
The corkboard is a little thicker than the glass, so it was hard to attach the back of the frame.  My husband, Nate, put a few tiny nails in the corners to keep it in place.  If you buy a frame with those bending metal tabs, it would probably be easier.

I wanted to attach the clip with hot glue.
I love hot glue and I think it works for everything!
Nate, however, was feeling kind of crafty and wanted to help.
He decided to get a rivet gun and rivet the clip into place.
So, this is now one sturdy and well made frame LOL.

If you don't end up recruiting the help of a crafty husband,
just whip out the glue gun.
I think it will work :)
I use my pinboard to display Saxon's artwork from preschool.
Sometimes school artwork has a tendency to take over my house.
This gives me a nice place to put it.
The newest piece of art goes in the frame.
Of course, you can make this in any size, so you could display multiple things at once.
This one is only 8 X 10.
Sometimes I pin sports pictures, photo booth pictures, postcards, and school pictures.
All the little things that take over my fridge :)
Or, my favorite yet...
I use it to hold up my recipes :)
Easy and fun.
Go make one and tell me what you think :)


  1. Great project. Even kids can do it with a pattern that would like.

  2. Love this...seems like we share a similar obsesssion with burlap and stencils :)

    I'm following you now.

  3. I "love" this! I am going to have to make it! I bought some sheets of cork a little while ago..for another project and never got around to doing it. This seems simple enough~!

  4. I've seen this board all over Pinterest and you only have three comments on here?! You're idea is great! I'm thinking of making this for my sister-in-law for Christmas. Thanks so much for this how to! I know this is an old post so you may not respond, but where did you buy the clip from? Thanks and have a lovely day! ~ Jamie