Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What we wore (in orange)

What we wore:
Since it's October, I've been feeling like ORANGE.
I dressed everyone up in orange and then asked my husband to snap a pic.
Of my skirt...specifically.
This is what we got:
Attempt #1:
(he missed half of the skirt).
Attempt #2:
Still missed the bottom of the skirt.
Attempt #3:
I clarified "Could you really try to get all of my skirt?"

Attempt #4:
Most of the skirt...cut off the shoes.
Sigh...oh well :)  He did try.
What I wore:
skirt: Surrealist
shirt: Surrealist
shoes: Steve Madden
earrings: forever 21
What Saxon wore:
shirt: Target
pants: H & M
skull tie: thrifted
What Dalton wore:
shirt: Target
pants: Hurley
shoes: Jack & Lily from Costco
What Bridger wore:
shirts: Children's Place
pants: H & M

Let me tell you a little bit about why I love our orange outfits...

My little brother Kenny married his wife Lisa on Halloween a few years ago.

This is what we wore:
(look familiar? LOL)
This is what Kenny & Lisa wore to their costume wedding:
Lisa painted eyeballs on her eye lids so she could take pictures with her eyes open or closed.  This picture is with eyes closed.  Cool, huh?
And Willy Wonka performed the ceremony.
It was classic.

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  1. Wow! What a creative wedding! I love your skirt. SO beautiful.

  2. Let me just say I LOVE your boys names!! And they are so cute!! Super cute pics!

  3. Orange is growing on me! Your skirt is so adorable! :)