Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Bucket List

(Bridal Veil Falls - Provo, Utah)

Around this time of the year, I start to panic.
Oh no, summer's ending, I didn't do everything I wanted to do yet!
Where did the time go?
I love summer time!  LOVE it!
When September gets this close, I start making lists...
My Summer Bucket List.

Before summer is over I still need to:
-visit Bridal Veil Falls
-Picnic in the canyon
-spend as much time in the pool as possible
-play outside as much as possible 

And then there are all of the things that require my attention that are not fun summer activities:
-work on my Groopdealz order
-come up with new fall products
-get organized for school
-get my kids on a better schedule

It's always hard to find the balance.
Luckily, I seem to find, that I am still able to do a lot of fun summer things in September.
So there is never as much of a need to panic in August as I always feel.
So, go out and enjoy the last few days of summer...
Now we're headed to the pool :)

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