Monday, August 29, 2011

The Reptile Party

 I'll be honest, I love planning parties.
I know a lot of people who tell their kids that they can only have family parties, or only on even years, or only special birthdays...etc.
But, my kids and I spend the whole year planning their next party.
I get just as excited as they do!
My cousin Brittany and I were planning Saxon's 1st birthday party almost from the time he was born :)

So...a little over a week ago we celebrated Saxon's 5th birthday.
We decided to have a "Reptile Party" and have my cousin Jeff come and bring all of his animals.
Jeff breeds and sells reptiles and knows more about them than anyone else I know.

So, here's what we did:

We made mini-donuts with a mini donut maker.
It looks like a waffle iron and make "baked donuts".
I can't bring myself to deep fry anything...
Of course the donuts had to be GREEN for the reptile party.
I went around and around with what to do for the cupcakes.
My sister was with me and she talked me into keeping it simple.
We made yellow cake cupcakes from Cheeky Kitchen,
with chocolate cream cheese frosting.
The decoration was just a gummy frog.
This picture is one of my favorites:
(Guess what the kids are so captivated by...
Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches)
Yep...Gross...but apparently not dangerous.
The highlight of the party:
CINDERELLA - the snake.
The interactive part:
All of the kids got to feed GORDON - the tortoise.
This was our first party inviting friends.
Usually we just have family and my friends and their kids.
Since it was all of our neighbors this time, I was a little nervous.
But, I think it was a success!

How do you do birthdays?
Dread that they come up so fast...
Or count down right along with your kids? :)


  1. Amazing! This is the theme we're doing,and we've booked a reptile zoo to come to the house too!

  2. somehow I missed this post! LOVE it! wish i could have made it!