Tuesday, July 19, 2011

If you love camping...

In the summer, I LOVE to go camping.
When I married Nate, he said that he loved to go camping too...perfect!
As it turns out, we had two very different ideas of what makes camping fun:

Cait's Idea:
Go somewhere with a campsite (some favorites are up in the mountains, the beach, or a lake).  Once we're there, we set up camp.  I plan out the meals, I stay organized, I bring A LOT of stuff.  My Dad once made a full turkey dinner while camping on the beach.  I sleep on an air mattress.  There has to be a bathroom and somewhere to clean up.  At Shaver Lake, we wash our hair in the lake.  It's obviously not the same as a real shower, but at least I feel a little cleaner.  There has to be something to do.  At a lake we go boating, and the beach we play in the waves, hike, explore, collect shells, etc.

Nate's Idea:
Go somewhere remote wearing only the clothes on your back and your only supplies are those that fit in your backpack.  You eat cold soup out of a can.  You hike from sun up to sun down and sleep where ever you find yourself at the end of the day.  After a few days, you turn around and head back to where you started.  

(Dalton enjoying dinner at our campsite)

If you like to camp like me, I have a fun and easy recipe for you to try:

Dutch Oven Enchiladas
Corn Tortillas
Queso Fresco - grated
Enchilada Sauce
Mexican Blend Cheese - grated

First, line your dutch oven with foil.  It's not necessary, but it helps with the cleanup.
Then heat up the tortillas on the camping stove until they get a little brown and a little crispy.  (This is also not necessary, but it helps then hold their shape once they are covered in sauce).  
Next, layer the sauce, tortillas, and cheese in the dutch oven, like a lasagna.
Just keep layering until you use up your supplies.
Finish with cheese on top and sprinkle with Mexican Blend Cheese.
Cook for 20-30 minutes in the dutch oven.

What are your favorite camping meals?

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  1. Mmm that sounds yummy!! Dutch oven food is so good and hot food while camping tastes especially amazing!!