Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thrift Store Dress re-make Tutorial

Here's the before:
notice the matching belt, shoulder pads, and awkward length?
First we cut out the shoulder pads, took off the belt (Brooke is saving it to go with a different outfit), and Brooke measured where we wanted the length to be.  We left a little extra so I can hem it when I get back to Utah.
Brooke laid the dress on the floor and just cut straight across.
Then I tried it on and Brooke evened it up and cut the loose strings.
Next, measure the length you want the sleeve...
Then lay it out and cut, cut, cut...
And here's how it turned out:
dress: thrifted $2.95
jewelry: all Brookie's (including a Harry Potter time turner)
shoes: swap meet $10
belt: American Vintage $5

That's it.
Easy, right?
I can't wait to wear this somewhere!
I have a second dress that we're about to alter later this week :)

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