Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3 of a kind

I have 3 kids.
All 3 boys.
All 3 were 7 lbs. 3 oz. when they were born.
All 3 left the hospital at 6 lbs. 11 oz.
All 3 had tons of dark hair that fell out and grew back blonde.
I'm starting to think that I only make 1 kind of baby.
This kind...
(Bridger - 2)
I seem to attract a lot of attention when I go out with these three.
I get everything from:
"Three boys! (snicker) Bet you wish you had a girl.  You aren't going to keep trying are you?"
"Wow!  Three boys!  You sure have your hands full!"

Yesterday I took the three of them to the dollar store.
This sweet older couple in line in front of us kept looking back and giggling.
"Three boys?"
More giggling.
"Three boys!"
They laughed all the way out to their car, and then were laughing so hard as we walked by that they could hardly drive off.
We are clearly quite a sight when we go out.

My mom had my boys at Target the other day and kept getting what she now calls "Caitlin complements".  The kind where people stop and stare, laugh, and admire my three little guys.
(Saxon - 4)
I love my boys!
Really, truly love them!
Do I wish for a girl?
I hope I get a one, one day.
It would be fun to have dresses and bows.
Do I wish one of my boys had been a girl?
Absolutely not!
My boys are hilarious!!!
Saxon is spicy.  He has attitude and flair.  He rocks out to Taylor Swift and will comfort anyone who seems upset.
Bridger is sweet and funny.  He has a lisp and can't say his "r's".  We always try to get him to say new words just to hear how he'll say them.  He always wants to come with me where ever I go.
Dalton is my baby.  He has blue eyes that can swallow you up and loves to do the flirty/shy thing to get attention.
(Dalton - 8 months)
My sister in law also has 3 boys.
We love to share experiences that happen.
People ask me all the time if I am going to keep trying until I have a girl.
Oh, heavens no!  Can you imagine!  I might end up with dozens of boys!
I will probably have more kids, but not to "try" for a girl.
Is it even possible to "try" for one or the other?
I don't know...ha ha.
But, as long as I am only 2 boys short of a full basketball team, I am going to enjoy it!
I paint and blog to have some girliness in my life, and then we do t-ball and swimming lessons and wrestle on the living room floor.
I am forever cleaning pee off the bathroom floor and having to say things like
"No, we cannot keep the grasshopper as a pet!"
I have 3 of every superhero that exists and tons of cars.
This isn't exactly the way I thought things would turn out, but I sure am grateful that I didn't get to pick because know I have 3 incredible little guys that run my life!

Doesn't it seem like when things turn out totally different than you expected, that most often, it's better?


  1. it really bugs me when people look at you like that or say those comments - for the most part your kids are REALLY well behaved at the stores and are just being kids and boys. so WHY must people make those "wow three boys" comments...hello it's only 3 not 7! lol

  2. Your boys are beautiful... so neat how alike & different they were/are! :)
    I believe we are given what we can handle...
    That being said, with a boy & a girl... if I had a choice between 3 boys or 3 girls... I'd stick with team blue! lol. It goes without saying that I LOVE my daughter (and I'm so, so, so happy she's mine!)... but she's spunky and such a diva... and she's only 3! Girls can be even more of a handful than boys... just depends on the kid, right? ;)
    Loved this post!