Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Future Major League

Saxon started t-ball last night!
I was a little worried because we had missed all of the practices while we were in California.  I didn't want him to feel lost.
It turns out, I had nothing to worry about.
He did great!
In fact, t-ball went much better than soccer.
I thought every kid loved soccer, but Saxon didn't love it.
He felt like it was a lot of running and not a lot of time with the ball.
With t-ball, every kid gets a turn at bat, and that was exactly what Saxon wanted.
It was so fun to see him have fun (and I got his cute little baseball cleats at Ross for $7...great deal!)
 Bridger was dying to play, but he's only 2, so he has a while before he can play.
So, I signed him and Saxon up for the 4/5 year old soccer team this fall.
I know...I know...
But he's big, and he's coordinated, and they don't keep score, so he can't do any damage, right?
It's just so hard to keep telling him that he's not old enough.
I just hope Saxon doesn't tell on us :)

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