Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Greenhouse Gardens

Since Spring weather in Utah can be unpredictable, we like to get our gardens started on our balcony before we move it over into the real garden.  We did it for the first time last year and it worked out really well!

First we bought a mini greenhouse from Home Depot for $6.
We bought a bunch of seeds last year so we used the same packages again this year to avoid having to spend more money than necessary.

Some things don't need to be started early because they grow so quickly, like squash.
Some things need to be started really early because they grow so slowly, like peppers.
Some veggies like cold weather and can be planted in a real garden already.  We're just waiting for a nice day and we are going to plant our peas, carrots and radishes.  Potatoes and spinach also like cold weather.  Right now our peas are in a pot on the balcony waiting to be moved to the garden.
Once you decide what to plant, the first step is to soak the peat pellets in the greenhouse.
They need about an 1/8 cup of warm water each, or about 10 cups for the whole tray.
The boys were excited to be helping.
They LOVE the garden.
Mostly because it guarantees them play time everyday while I pick weeds :)
The peat pots expand when you pour water on them and my kids think it amazing!
When they are fully expanded, you need to rip open the top of each pot to expose the soil.
Once the pots are ready, we dropped 1-2 seeds in each pot.
We organized ours by the row.
Each row has a different plant and we put little labels on the outside to keep track.
So, here it what it looks like so far:

Once we had all of the seeds on, we gently pushed each seed down a little bit and then squeezed the sides of the pot to cover it with soil.
When we finished, we put ours on the balcony in a part sun/part shade spot.
We tape the top of the greenhouse down on the sides because last year our lid kept blowing away.  
After you finish planting, the greenhouse doesn't need much.  If it starts looking dry, just open it and spray everything with a water bottle and close it again.  That's it.  
Now we just wait for the magic to happen :)
While we were on the balcony, we decided to check on our pot with strawberries and peas.  So far so good...
Bridger decided to water the blueberry bushes as well.
Thanks bud!
And that's it.
It's super easy and fun!
Happy Gardening!!!

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