Monday, June 25, 2012

The things they learn...

 Do you every wonder where you kids learn to say somethings and then you hear it on their favorite movie?  
Or they repeat something that you say and it makes you think twice about the things you say in front of them...
My kids learned the word "idiot" from Disney movies.  Have you ever paid attention to how often that word is used in cartoons?  I never even noticed until my kids started calling each other idiots.

Speaking of Disney kids are sooooo excited to see BRAVE!
Anyone seen it yet?
There are seriously thousands of commercials and trailers on the Disney channel advertising for BRAVE.  The boys are going to wear their kilts and we are going to go see it with my Dad (who is in town this week) because he went on a 2 year church mission to Scotland.  We can't wait to all go see the movie.

If you've seen the millions of commercials for BRAVE, you will know where this came from...
Today, Bridger put on his kilt, came running out of his room and yells:
"Feast your eyes on this!" (in a Scottish accent)
and then he lifts up his kilt, 
flashes everyone, 
and then runs back to his room giggling.

We of course (being terrible parents) busted up laughing.
My cousin who was over said
 "taking them to this movie is totally going to backfire on you."
Well, it couldn't be any worse than the commercials, could it?

But really, how do you let your kids be kids (and not turn into one of "those" parents) but still teach them that they can't copy everything they see in movies.

I had a professor at BYU suggest that you talk to them so much beforehand about not being negatively influenced by media that they will be aware of it and then not as susceptible.
We'll see :)

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  1. Took Miss Muffet to see Brave over the weekend. It doesn't have the magic of the other Pixar movies at all, and it's no wonder. This movie almost didn't get made because there were so many problems with the script and it needed rewrites. It shows. I won't give anything away, but there are SERIOUS problems with the final script and movie. It's got a few good moments, but overall, it's not very good. 6 out of 10.