Thursday, June 14, 2012

Life with Boys

I cannot tell you how many times a day I hear:
"Three boys!  Are you going to keep trying until you get a girl?"
"Wow!  You sure have your hands full!"
I think that's the polite way of saying that we are making a huge scene wherever we are.
Yes, I do have my hands full...but I try (apparently unsuccessfully) not to make it so obvious. 

I never know how to answer that first questions.
I usually just laugh.
We will have as many kids as we feel good about.
If they're all boys, so be it.
If the next time around is a girl, it doesn't mean we'll stop because we finally did it.
So, I don't know...

But for now, I'm enjoying having all boys.
Being super-girly myself, I'm always surprised (and horrified) about the things that they say and do. 

Here's some recent ones:
 -Bridger: "MOM!!!  (giggles) We all sat on the toilet and put our feet in!"
 -Me:  "That is so gross!  What were you thinking?!?"
 -Bridger:  "Why is it gross?  There was no poops and no pees in the toilet."

And few minutes later Saxon picked up Nate's beard trimmer and started combing his hair with it.  Then he asks "What would happen if I turned it on?"  Then he turned it on.  Now he is missing a chunk of hair.

-Saxon: "Mom, my friend at the park today, she said BUTT!"
-Me: "We don't say butt, we say bum."
-Saxon: "I didn't say BUTT, she said BUTT, so I'm just telling you that she said BUTT because I know we can't say BUTT.  She did Mom.  She really said BUTT.  But I didn't say BUTT."
(This is his new sneaky way of saying "potty words" quoting them to me.)

Yesterday, I happened to be walking by the bathroom when I saw Saxon barely make it to the toilet in time, and in his haste, overshot and hit the shower curtain.
-Me: "SAXON!  You just peed on the shower curtain!"
-Saxon: "Sorry Mom.  That happens a lot."
I've also learned that boys are born warriors.
They fight.
They defend each other.
And they learn to be boys so fast! 
At the Scottish Festival on Friday, we let Saxon and Bridger "fight the giant."
We were the last ones there as it was getting dark, so the guy in charge handed Dalton a sword and asked "You too?"
The baby boy didn't waste any time running out there to battle the giant.
Sword swinging and kilt blowing in the wind.
He is fearless (except for puppies, he's terrified of those), and can't stand to be left out.
If the big boys were going to fight the giant, then so was he!
Having all boys definitely makes life interesting :)


  1. Loved the conversations! Gave me a good laugh. :-)

  2. The answer to the first question is: I wasn't aware my procreation plans were anyone else's business.

    The answer to the second comment is: Jealousy doesn't become you.

    Boys are fun. I have one. They're also more easygoing about things.

    I have a little girl, too. As much as I adore her, she's much more work than my son (the fussy clothes, the hairdos every day, having every little thing just so and if things aren't just so, it's cause for a meltdown...), and there are days when I wonder if giving a four year old a sex change is legal. hahahaha I'm only partially kidding... hahahaha

    Enjoy your boys and your family plans are no one else's business. They are to be kept between you and your husband. I will never understand why people think such things are OK to ask about and comment on.