Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

We have had a ton of wind here lately.  A ton!
The forecast for this whole week looks beautiful...except for the wind!
It's been doing all kinds of crazy things to my hair...
For example, my side bangs, have become real bangs when the wind picks up.
I snapped a picture when I was outside the other day to see what I looked like with bangs.  What do you think?  I toy with the idea of bangs every once in a while, but then I chicken out.  I'm afraid they would drive me crazy.  But my sister-in-law just cut some light bangs (the "Jennifer Lawrence" hairstyle) and she looks gorgeous.
It's making me consider it again...
A few weeks ago, Old Navy had their "stuff and save" sale.
As much as you could fit in the bag was 40% off.
I saw this shirt on the manikin and liked it, but they only had it left in an X-Large.
So I bought it anyway.
My little sister never looks at sizes...she says you can always make it work :) 
I'm also wearing my favorite JOLT jeans from Nordstrom.
Love them!  So comfy!!!
They also have "butt lift" in them.
I guess they have a little tighter elastic in the bum to give it a little lift.
I was excited about it because I used to have a bum, but it went away after I had kids.
When I first saw this picture of myself, I thought:
"It worked!  It looks like I have a bum!"
Then I remembered that I had stuck my phone in my back pocket so I wasn't holding it in the I guess it didn't give me a bigger bum.
Oh well.
They're still my favorite jeans.
And, I'm standing in my soon-to-be-garden.  Soooo excited!!!


  1. I have always cut my bangs to where they are wearable straight or to the side! I love straight bangs, but they are a pain to keep in place.
    Love the outfit too. I use to work at Old Navy and got my employee discount along with the sale discount. Oh, how I miss those days!!

  2. stop being so SKINNY! Glad you got the shirt it's cute on!