Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today has been one of those days where I feel like I've been yelling at my kids all day.

"Pick up your toys!"
"Stop screaming!"
"Sit at the table."
"Get out of the street."

and it leads to tons of:
"I hate you!"
"You're not beautiful anymore!"
"You're the worst mommy ever!"

Saxon's been trying his hand at threatening lately too:
"If you don't give me a cookie, I'm going to dump the toys out."
Then, to get back at me, Saxon stole my bra while I was in the shower and lost it.
Then Dalton sprayed me with hair spray while I was doing my makeup.
When I took the hairspray away, he knocked the oxyclean off the sink and the whole bucket of it spilled all over the floor.
Bridger woke up with a horrible allergy attack (slimy watery eyes, puffy face, stuffy nose, scratchy voice, etc.) so he's in an awesome mood as I'm sure you can imagine... 
Dalton took his diaper off and refused to put another one on.
I was too tired to make him.
Saxon chased Bridger around the house with a light-saber making his wail at the top of his lungs.

I finally gave up and just went in the bathroom to finish my makeup.
The house was being destroyed with my supervision, how much worse could it be without?

That's when Dalton came and grabbed my hand with and urgent "Uhhh..." (his word for everything he can't think of the word for.)
I knew what this would be.
"Did you pee on the floor?"
He nodded yes.
Great.  Of course he did.  And the best part is, I can't even be mad at him because I am the one who didn't put a diaper on him.
I let him take me to where he peed and he led me into the bathroom and pointed at the baby potty.

I couldn't believe my eyes.
Dalton peed in the potty!!!

I grabbed the other boys and we all cheered and celebrated!
Then we had cookies to celebrate some more.
Then we went to the gas station to get drinks to celebrate some more.
It's amazing, when you're a parent, the things that can totally turn around your day!

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  1. I absolutley LOVE this post! My daughter has snappy mean come backs like those too and I know what you mean when you finally just throw your hands up and raise the white flag. But then when you got to D peeing in the potty I was right there with you and got excited. That would totally make me cheer up too! I loved celebrating that with my oldest, to see their faces have pure joy because they see you so happy for them.
    thanks for sharing!