Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to cook an artichoke

Hi Everyone!  It's been so long since I posted...I went out of town for the weekend and then didn't get this post ready in time.  So, here it is now.  And, I can't wait to tell you about my weekend.  More on that later...

Last week I decided to make artichokes for my family for dinner and I had to google direction for how to do it!  I've made artichoke before and I grew up eating it too.  But I don't make it very often and every time, I forget how long to cook it, etc.

I thought I'd share the directions with you too :)

First trip the tip off of the artichoke.  Then, using kitchen shears, trip off the thorn on each of the outer leaves.  Also, trip the stem a little.

Then fill a pot with at least 3 inches of water.
Here's where you can be creative...you get to season your cooking water.
Some suggestions that I found were:
lemon, fresh herbs, butter, salt, garlic, etc.
I added lemon, garlic, and fresh rosemary from my herb garden.

Finally, just put on the lid and boil 25-45 minutes.
I always do 45 minutes because I want it to be nice and soft all the way through.
While it's cooking, mix up your favorite artichoke sauce.
I use mayo and my husband likes butter.
But, I have heard of adding lemon to mayo or balsamic to mayo to make your own sauce.
After 45 minutes, just take it out and eat it.
But be careful...it's hot!

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  1. YUM I love artichokes for dinner!! mmm one of my favs!