Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

Hi Everyone!
I hope you had a fun Easter weekend!
Look at this darling Easter treat that my neighbor brought us:
It's a cinnamon-sugar caramel apple
with a cinnamon-sugar jumbo marshmallow
marshmallow slices with pink sugar for the ears
mini marshmallow for the nose and tail
strawberry marshmallows for the arms
an orange tootsie roll for the carrot
and sliced sour green licorice belts for the green carrot top.
It was so cute that I didn't want to eat it :)
My boys of course wanted to eat it immediately!
They were even bargaining away on the pieces;

"I get the big marshmallow!"

"Fine, but only if I get the arms, nose and tail!"

My compromise was that they had to give me a few minutes to take some pictures before they disassembled it :)

What did you do on Easter?

I spent all day going back on forth about whether or not to take Dalton to the doctor.
He was really congested and had a 103 fever.
But I didn't want to take him and have them send me home and say "its a virus."
Because even if it is a virus, it's gone on for too long.
Poor little guy has been congested and had a fever on and off for 2 weeks.
But what can they do about it?
What if it's an ear infection?
What if it's not and I wasted $100 on "there's nothing you can do for a virus."
What if he's in pain?  I better take him.
What if I'm over-reacting?  I better not take him.

I made an appointment at the after-hours clinic.
Then I cancelled it.

I've taken my kids to the doctor's office a lot and had it turn out to be just a virus.
Once I held out until an upcoming well-baby check, only to find out that Saxon had pneumonia and I should have brought him in the week before. 
Once Bridger's ear drum burst because I didn't get him in soon enough.
I've taken him for a lot of false-alarms that I thought were ear infections though.
I suck.

Crossing my fingers for a better night tonight, and if not, we're definitely going in on Monday!


  1. I know what you mean! I feel like I never know when to take my kids in. It is one of those catch 22 situations. If I do take them it's just a virus.... if I end up not taking them then it turns out to be something worse.