Thursday, March 1, 2012


Isn't it amazing how kids think that they are "big" from the time they are tiny?
My babies are always trying to copy us or copy bigger kids.
Saxon, who is officially "big" at 5 years old, is always asking if he can drive!

Last night, Dalton decided to show us how big he was by brushing is own teeth:
He started out with "big kid toothpaste".
His is the "baby toothpaste" without fluoride since he swallows it still.
The blue toothpaste is Saxon's.
Showing off his clean teeth:
And he's very proud of himself for being so big!
Each of my kids tries to be "big" faster than the last.
They have to keep up with the big brothers :)
I'm trying to find a balance between encouraging them to be little, and letting them explore their independence.
Next year Saxon will be in kindergarten and Bridger will be in preschool.
I'm kind of sad...I'm not ready for them to be so big!


  1. they are growing up TOO makes me so sad! I still remember the day Saxon was born!

  2. Too cute! Did any of the toothpaste actually make it in his mouth?

    1., I don't think so. He put the toothbrush in his mouth but somehow missed with the toothpaste :)