Thursday, January 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Picture Frame - Tutorial

I'm so excited to have my cousin Brittany from Love Stitched guest posting today.
Brittany made this gorgeous lace picture frame for Valentine's day (would also be perfect for Mother's Day), and today, she's going to teach us how!  Its the perfect DIY gift to make for someone you love...

Lovely Lace Picture Frame {{tutorial}}

Lovely Lace Picture Frame
This tutorial is so quick and easy! 
You can make this to add some decor flare to your own home 
it would make a darling mothers day present!

What you need:
Frame {any size}
Lace {stretchy or not doesn’t matter}
Spray Glue adhesive

The how to : 
Remove the mat from the frame
Measure you lace to see how it fits width wise 
My Lace was too wide so I was able to cut it in half
Once you have all your sides measured out lay them out on your frame
Using the spray adhesive lightly spray the edges of your mat
Press the lace on the mat lightly
trim off any excess lace
Allow to dry for 15 minutes before placing back in the frame

and that’s it! 
You have a darling boutique chic lace frame that only cost you a couple dollars!

Thank you so much Brittany!!!


  1. What a quick, cute & cheap idea!

  2. I love this! The lace looks so pretty and love how it "Frames" the picture. Cute!!

  3. Very pretty. It helps that the picture she chose to use is such a great one.

    Will you thank her for me? She's the reason I follow your blog now. I love both your blogs.

    Mommy Sauri~