Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I Wore...Fall Skirt

My little sister Brooke is my fashion inspiration.
I keep thinking that for "What I Wore Wednesday", I should post pictures of her.
You would definitely feel inspired! that cheating...if I didn't actually wear it?

This week, I tried to channel my inner-Brooke and wear a long skirt and flowy top.
Brooke always wears skirts, and lots of flowing layers.
Skirt: Nordstorm SALE $15
Shirt: Charlotte Russe SALE $9
Boots: Charlotte Russe SALE $20
Earrings: Love Stitched GIFT
Bracelet: Brighton GIFT
(and I'm wearing a half-tee under my Charlotte Russe shirt so I didn't have to worry about it falling off my shoulders and I carry my kids around)
I love wearing "fall" skirts.
I get bored of wearing jeans everyday...
I had to try a few times to get this outfit right.
My instinct told me that a loose skirt needed a tight shirt.
But my inner Brooke whispered that it doesn't have to match, 
and not to worry about breaking the rules.
Brooke never follows the rules because she doesn't want to look the same as everyone else. 
I wish I were braver.
One more shot of my boots, because in Utah, you can't live without boots.
It's FREEZING here!
Are there any fashion trends that you've been dying to try?
(even if you're not brave me...LOL)


  1. love your style. the boots are the best!

  2. so cute! the other day i wore skinny jeans and high-top sneakers (black w/ melon-orange colored high-tops) WAAAAAY out of my comfort zone, but i just didn't want to wear my boots. so i threw on my sneakers and actually really liked it! yay!

    does your sister have a blog?? i'm thinking we need to get inspiration from her as well... maybe you should just post a BUNCH of pictures of her. ;)

  3. you look wonderful and what gorgeous scenery!!

  4. Really cute! Its way too cold here to wear skirts right now. 34 degrees. :( I will have to wait till Spring.

  5. This outfit is soooo cute! I would wear it all the time! :) The skirt is gorgeous and what good deals you got! :)

  6. I understand how you feel about being brave enough to try something. I'm not brave enough to get some of those old folks' glasses even though I love them and I actually need new glasses. But your risk totally paid off because it looks pretty. I love the flowy look.

    If Work Permits