Monday, November 14, 2011

Mystery Solved.

When I was pregnant with Dalton, I wrote a post on my family blog about pregnancy.
It was straight from my heart and very special to me.

I got a lot of comments on it from friends and family.
For weeks, that post got a lot of traffic.
For months, it got traffic.
A year was still getting traffic.

So...I got a little suspicious and called over my cousin Mike who is a computer programmer to investigate.  He went on all of his special websites to find out where my blog was linked to.  We didn't find anything.  His guess was that some baby blog must have linked to me and that's why it was still getting so much traffic.  But it was strange that we couldn't trace it...
It was a mystery.
And week after week, I continue to get traffic to that specific post.
I started paying more attention to the key words that are targeting my blog.

I was getting a lot of "September C_________ Pregnant."

Well, I have a friend who is linked on my side bar with the last name of C________ and she is pregnant.  I figured that friends of hers were searching for her, but since her blog is private, they were finding mine.  But my friend isn't due in why would someone be googling that specific phrase?

So...I googled it...

and oh wow was I shocked...

I got pages and pages of porn sites.
Apparently "September C_________ is a porn star who has pregnant porn pictures out there.

You know how when you google something, it will give you 5 sample pictures from google images?
My picture was 2 of the top 5 pictures for those key words.

If you google this porn will find pictures of me?????

My cousin the programmer explained that since I have the words "September" (because I was due in September) "C___________" (because it is my friends name), and "pregnant" (because that's what the post was about) ranked me as the #1 image.

So here I was, thinking that some big baby blog was inspired by my thoughts on pregnancy and sending over traffic.  And instead, it was hundreds of people looking for this porn star.

I was speechless.
Everyone else was in hysterics.
Even my mom was cracking up.
Mystery solved...I guess.

Mike had me change the name of my friends blog from "C_______ family" to my friend's first name.  Without that major keyword, he said I should start to lose my #1 spot.

And in case you're wondering why I'm not saying the name...
because for how many times I've mentioned it...this blog would become the #1 site!

So tell me...if it were you...would you laugh or be utterly horrified?

I laughed, because what else can you do...
and I was horrified...because...seriously!  How could this happen?

And just for fun...
tomorrow I'll be posting the pregnancy post for you to see what I wrote :)


  1. Wow! I would be horrified but laughing a little bit too. That is just crazy, but good thing you figured it out.

  2. I'd be horrified at first, while I was discovering it, then I'd laugh every time I told the story!

  3. I would be horrified and maybe find humor in it later after I 'fixed' the key words! ;) It does make you wonder when we blog what comes up on google and such doesn't it?! Wow! LOL

  4. I'm pretty sure I would've been mortified and then laughed hysterically cause it's quite honestly the funniest story I've read in awhile. So funny!!!

  5. oh my :O I am honestly not sure how I would respond. I guess it would depend on the day lol!

  6. oh no! hahaha oh my, good thing you figured it out! That is hilarious.
    I love that post of yours, I think I read it via another blog recently, so beautiful.

  7. This story is too funny! I love it!!

  8. This is hilarious! Mortifying but hilarious. I mean, you're right. What else can you do but laugh? Goodness! Glad you figured it out!