Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

It's starting to feel like Christmas around here...
We let the kids talk us into going and getting a tree last night :)
They were so excited!
Even Dalton was prancing around the house dragging a string of beads.

Here are some of my favorite Christmas decorations:

Hand carved Nativity that I brought back from Brazil:
I don't know what to call these, but I love them!
My mom bought them for me, and we hang one on each side of our stockings.
Santa's Key:
This is new this year.
Brittany bought it for the kids.
Since we live in a small townhouse, without a fireplace, my kids were concerned that Santa wouldn't be able to get in.  Brittany bought them this "magic Santa key" so that Santa can find a way in.
Believe in the Magic.
Everything about Christmas feels like magic.
I love it and I can't help but feel happy.
I ordered this stained glass star for Dalton last year for his "first Christmas ornament."
I am so in love with it.
I'm tempted to order a whole set and make it the theme of my tree.
But I'm a little torn because then Dalton's ornament wouldn't be "special".
I can't decide what to do...
Each of the kids get to hang up their own ornaments every year.
They love it!
Sometimes I wish I had a pretty tree, but it makes my kids so happy to decorate the tree themselves that I don't mind.  So, it looks a little messy, a little bottom-heavy (they can't reach very high), and a little homemade, but I love it.  Each ornament is a little memory and I love watching my kids relive each memory as they hang
My house smells like a mix of pine, scentsy, and boys.
I love when it starts to feel like Christmas! 

What makes is start feeling like Christmas for you?

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  1. Love the nativity! So pretty and unique! You are inspiring me to break out the decorations today!! :)