Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Cyber Monday

Happy Monday Everyone!
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!!

Mine was insanely busy.  Every year I upload my blog onto Blurb and print off a copy for each of my kids as their own little journal of the year.  I do the whole thing manually (you can just "slurp" up your whole blog and print it if you want...) so that each book is specific to each child.  It is very tedious and very time consuming.  The 25% off coupon HURRY expires today and the code GIVEGIFTS for 20% off expires on the 30th.  Since I was up against a deadline, I had to work on it constantly until it was done.  It has pretty much dominated my month.  I managed to finish it just in time.
Here's how my week went:

Wednesday - Blurbing and getting ready for Thanksgiving

Thursday - Cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  It was also my cousin's birthday so I wanted to make sure that it was extra special.  My birthday also around Thanksgiving and when it falls on Thanksgiving Day, it sort of gets lost in the chaos.  So, we tried to make sure that my cousin had a special day.  In the evening, we watched "Ice Age Christmas Special" on TV.  My kids were very excited about it :)  Did anyone else watch it?

Friday - Black Friday Shopping!!!  Ok, I'm sort of a Black Friday wimp.  I don't have enough money to buy something cool (even if it is a killer deal), so I go out around noon and just wander through some of the stores.  It's just fun to be out in the Christmas rush even if I'm not getting anything :)

Saturday - My birthday :)  My husband works for Walgreens and so he always has to work on my birthday.  Always.  So, my cousins stepped in and helped us out so I could still have a great day.  They took me and the kids to breakfast at Kneaders.  It was my first experience with Kneaders french toast and it was amazing!  It more that lived up to it's reputation.  Then they took my kids to do something fun so that I could go to see Twilight (for the second time LOL) with a friend of mine.  Then my cousins, myself, and the kids all went to the mall to wander around and wait for Nate to get off of work.  My in-laws were in town, so at night, they took all of us out to Buca di Beppo.  My sister-in-law's b-day is the 27th, so we had a double party :)

Sunday - stayed home with a sick baby.  Poor Dalton.  The weekend was a little much for him.  I also uploaded and ordered my Blurb books.  Yay...I have a break until next November :)

Since today is "Cyber Monday", here are some things I've got my eye on:

Razor Rip Rider 360
My boys would love this!  Have you seen the video?  It looks so cool!
45% off on Amazon today.
Has anyone tried it?  I'm really considering it, but it's $70 and I want to make sure it's worth it before I spend that much money...

Robert Sabuda pop-up books.
A friend of mine has me hooked on these.
 We have Narnia pop-up and my kids love it!
I have to keep it on a top shelf though, because it is fragile.
This is the new one:
I've had my eye on the world map puzzle at Blickenstaffs lately.
This one is on Amazon but the prices are usually comparable.

Since they are making a movie of this, I think I should finally get around to reading this.  I don't know anything about it, but I like to read so it's probably worth the risk :)
Also, Walgreens action figures are buy one get one free this week.
I think we're going to get a few superheros and a few Star Wars guys.

Do you have your eye on any great deals out there?


  1. yup i def took advantage of the buy one get one free deal at walgreens! such a gr8 week for sales!!

  2. Thanks for posting the BLURB codes. I have printed my blog the last 3 years and always have a hard time finding codes for them.