Saturday, November 19, 2011

Early Christmas at the Riverwoods

Last week I had a girls day with some fellow bloggers at the Riverwoods.
It was so much fun, and I now have some great Christmas gift ideas!
First stop...Blickenstaff's.
If you haven't been there, you have to make the trip.
It's magical!
Vintage toys and games, candy and soda, etc.

Here's my early Christmas recommendations:
-Rody Pony.  It's llike the old hippity hops, but animal shaped.  We have one and LOVE it!)
-Wiggle car.  Once again, we have one and my kids love it!  Even the baby can scoot around on it until he learns to wiggle it.
-World Floor Map Puzzle (got it on my Christmas list for Saxon)
-Vintage Games (for Saxon and boys LOVE games!)
-Faber-Castell art supplies.  I used to use them in Brazil and they are the best!  I've never seen them in the US before and was so excited to find them at Blickenstaff's.

If you live in Utah, stop by in Blickenstaff's in December because they are doing a 12 days of Christmas event where they are giving out gifts to random customers.  If you don't live it Utah, you can still visit them online. 
It's Utah's best homemade ice cream!
They serve Bluebell ice cream.
Have you ever heard of it?
I had not, but I tried the Pralines and Cream and it was yummy!
After ice cream, we wandered over to Zion's Mercantile.
I think I could have spent all day in this store!
It's full of art, history, some replicas and some originals...all inspired by Mormon Church history and the pioneers.  The photography and art work were breathtaking.
My favorite piece...the Nauvoo Stained Glass Star.
I'm adding it to my Christmas List.
I want one for myself, and will probably get one for several family members as well.
Loved it!
Last stop...lunch at La Jolla Groves.
I felt like I was having lunch in a lemon grove in Tuscany.
The food was divine and healthy.  A bonus.
We started the meal with a fruit and gourmet cheese platter.
I felt like I was back in Europe.
They even do cooking demonstrations...which I am planning to sign up for.
Photography by Bryce Olsen Photography.

 Have any of you been to the Riverwoods lately?
Anything special on your Christmas list yet?


  1. How much fun to meet fellow bloggers! I haven't found any other Washington bloggers yet. ooh, and we have Rody pony and my kids love it!

  2. Looks like a wonderful time! You are all so beautiful! That first shop seems like a dream come true for little kids. I can't wait to get going on Christmas gifting. It's one of my favorite things about the holiday.

  3. I need to re-vamp my christmas list. I like your suggestions. And AZ has bluebell ice cream everywhere-so delicious :)

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