Monday, October 10, 2011


Currently, the bane of my existence is spelled G.U.M.
Let me give you a little background...
I'm not a gum chewer.
I never have been.
I don't like feeling like I'm constantly talking with food in my mouth.
My husband...he's a gum chewer.
He doesn't just chew, he smacks.
I didn't say anything while we were dating, but once we were married, I addressed the issue. Now, neither of us are gum chewers. :)
(What a great husband, right?)
I never let Saxon chew gum as a little kid.
One day we were at my friend's house and she gave her kids gum.
I caved, because I didn't want him to feel left out.
But, I drilled it into his head
"We don't swallow gum, we don't swallow gum, we don't swallow gum..."
Like a good little guy, when he was done, he didn't swallow his gum.
He stuck it in his pocket.
Ruined the pants.
I renewed my resolve to be a non-gum-chewing household.
Now there's Bridger.
He's a snacker.
If there's a snack to be found in the house, he will find it.
I can't buy snacks because he will constantly sneak them.
I started to worry, so I re-evaluated my gum theory.
Maybe, just maybe, he would snack less if he chewed gum.
So, I broke down, and bought some sugar-free gum and gave it a shot.
Well, it kind of worked.
He doesn't dig for snacks anymore, but he is always begging for gum.
I have gum stuck to my sheets.
There is gum stuck to their comforter on their bed.
And there are piles of gum in every trash can.
Not to mention that they can't seem to leave it in their mouths!
The other day, Dalton walked out of the bathroom smacking.
SMACKING, like he's chewing gum.
I tried to get into his mouth to pull out whatever it was, but he clamped down his little jaw.
Finally, Nate tipped him upside down to make him laugh and I snatched it out.
He had gone into the bathroom and fished an already been chewed piece of gum out of the trash can and was smacking on it.
I went into the kitchen to dispose of the nasty gum and came back out and Dalton is smacking!  Again!
The kid only has a few teeth.
How can he possibly be chewing gum?
He had gone back into the bathroom and found another piece of gum.
Thoroughly exasperated, I gave Nate the look that said "fix this please."
He took out all of the trashes in the house.
 Today, before church, I wanted to take a picture of the kids because they all looked so cute and ready for Halloween (Saxon's tie has skulls on it).
This is what I ended up with...GUM.
Even Dalton had a piece and swallowed it before I could snatch it out of his mouth.
What can I do?

Do you let you kids chew gum?

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