Monday, October 24, 2011

Farm Girl

This weekend, my Grandparents were in town from California.
When they got here, my house was covered in tomatoes from the garden.
We were planning on canning them, so they are sitting out in bowls all over the counters.
Not to mention the signs and the paint that were out.
I was a little embarrassed.

While chatting with my Grandpa, I told him that I found my dream house online.
It was built in 1900.
It's brick and beautiful and on .70 acres.
I'm in love...
I keep dreaming of fruit trees, a HUGE garden, and a motorcycle track for the boys, a trampoline, a swing set, and maybe even a tree house!
(Since we're not in a position to buy a house, I just have to dream about it for now...)

Then I told him about our garden and the vegetables that we're growing and how I'm going to try to make dinner in a pumpkin.

When my Grandma walked in and asked what we've been talking about,
my Grandpa said:
"Caitlin thinks she's a farmer."

Ha ha.
I've never thought of myself as a farm girl.
A California beach girl, maybe, but farm
Then as I started thinking back on the things that I do now, I had to laugh.
Maybe I am turning into a farm girl (LOL)
 When I became a mom, I felt so blessed to have that precious little baby in my arms, and I wanted to be the best mom ever!
I realized, or course, that I had a lot to learn.
Now that I'm a SAHM, I like to try new things...
(sewing, gardening, quilting, cooking, painting, etc.)
To my surprise, I like some of them.
I love gardening, and I think quilting is really hard.
I try new recipes all the time and love to go new places and see new things.
I'm getting pretty good at finding adventures that are free! we are at the closest farm learning about animals :)
Since it was a nice day out,
my baby decided to help himself to my diet coke.
If you ask my kids what they wish for, they will say every time:
"A house with a backyard and a dog."
So, maybe one day, I'll be a farm girl (LOL)
and will live in a house with a backyard and a dog :)

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