Friday, September 9, 2011

A little kindness goes a long way...

Yesterday was a hectic day.

 I was trying to get some new products ready for my shop, get ready for a boutique on the 17th, finish up my Groopdealz order, and try to plan Baby Dalton's 1st birthday party.
I woke up ready to load my kids in the car and start running errands.
But...they woke up begging to ride bikes.
Saxon just learned to ride a bike without training wheels and can't get enough of it.
I had a TON to do, but I felt bad because summer won't last forever, so I agreed.
We went down to the park to ride bikes, and then I loaded them up.
We went to Wal-mart first and I was rushing because we were meeting my cousin Brittany for lunch.  She's been out of town and we missed her.

While we were there, I let my kids each get an apples & peanut butter pack to snack on.
As we were rushing, Bridger somehow got it in his head that a box of jello actually contains jello.  He started begging for jello.

Begging turned to crying, then to sobbing, then to refusing to walk because he was so utterly heartbroken.  Then, I'm trying to drag him behind me and keep him out of anyone else's way so we can check out.

The cashier started handing me bags as fast as she could to get us out of there (Bridger was really making a scene at this point).

So, I manage to get everyone out to the car...really running late at this point...and Saxon asks for his apples.  I start digging through the bags.  No apples.  I double check.  No apples.  Seriously?  The cashier must have forgotten to hand me a bag, and in all of the chaos, I didn't notice.

So, now I am really frustrated.
Saxon is begging for apples, Bridger is sobbing, and I am yelling at everyone to "just stop!"
"Stop crying and get back in the cart.  We have to go back inside..."

Then, this teenage boy with black spikey hair, who had been sitting on the cart racks smoking a cigarette, walked up to us.

"Did you forget a bag?"


"Why don't you give me your receipt and I'll run back in for you.  It would be a lot of work for you to take all of your kids back in."

I was speechless for a moment.
"Yes, seriously?  Thank you so much!"

And then this sweet kid ran back in and was able to get the rest of my groceries for me.

After thanking him, I got in the car and explained to my kids what this nice boy just did for us.
Then Saxon asks, 
"Mom, when I get big, am I going to be as nice as that boy?"

I told him that he most definitely will, and that we will start practicing now.
We will also work on "not judging a book by it's cover."
This boy didn't look like the type of boy who would come to my rescue and save the day.
But, that's exactly what he did.  Day by day, I hope to teach my boys that when the opportunity comes to spread kindness, they don't think twice...they act.

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