Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jack-o-lantern Cookie Pop Tutorial

I saw this fun idea in a Disney Family Fun magazine and thought we'd give it a try:

Dipping Oreos in Chocolate to make "Jack-o-lantern Cookie Pops."
We started with:
Double Stuffed Oreos
White dipping chocolate (I used white chocolate chips because it was all I had)
Mini-Reese's Pieces or Mini-M&M's
Popsicle sticks
 First I put a Popsicle stick in each double stuffed Oreo.
Then I melted the chocolate and added orange candy-coloring.
Regular food coloring does not work in chocolate!
(You could buy orange chocolate melting wafers instead).
Next, I dipped each Oreo in the chocolate and stuck them in an egg carton to harden.
The Bloopers:
Several cookies split apart and fell off their sticks into the chocolate.
So, I had to fish them out, but they were too much of a mess to use.
So, my kids ate them :)
(They were "helping" me make them)
While the chocolate was still wet, I stuck in mini-Reese's pieces for eyes and a nose.
Once it was hardened, I used chocolate frosting to make a mouth and green frosting for a leaf.  Next time I am going to use a pretzel stick for the stem :)
It was a fun, quick, little treat for my kids and the best part is, you can make as many or as little as you want.  We only made a handful of them, and then I sealed the Oreos back up and put them in the pantry for another day.
You can use this same idea to turn the Oreos' into ghosts, eyeballs, Frankenstein...or something cute...an apple, a happy face, etc.
Just be creative and have fun :) 

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