Thursday, August 18, 2011

Turn away for a second...

It's amazing to me the things that kids can do when you turn away for just a second.
Sometimes it's funny...
Sometimes it's naughty...
Sometimes it's dangerous...
My sister Brooke is in town this week.  Last night we put Bridger in my bath and we were standing in the doorway of the closet (which is in the bathroom) talking.  We were only about 3 feet away from the bath.  Baby Dalton was crawling around on the floor and we were discussing some clothes options, when we hear Bridger make a sound of distress.

Not really a scream, but a little panic in his voice.
We turn around and Baby Dalton is in the bathtub, looking up at me with a "deer in the headlights" expression.
"Baby Dalton climbed in the bath!" -Bridger

Dalton likes to lean over the edge of the bath and watch the boys.
He is always trying to climb in, but isn't big enough.
Or so I thought...
Because he just slipped right over, there wasn't even a splash to alert us.
I was in the room with him, only feet away from the edge of the tub, and this happened.
I feel like I can never take my eyes off this kid.
He learns so fast and is so busy.
After my moment of panic
"what if he had drowned"
"what if he had hit his head"
"what if the tub was too deep"
My mind instantly starts running through every awful possibility...

After I calmed down and we made sure that everyone was alright, I grabbed the camera :)
Once Dalton regained his bearings, he was actually pretty proud of himself.
Is it even possible to "never take your eyes off of them"?
I feel like I need to have him in my arms at all times.
I'm going to have to find a good balance.


  1. this is so scary, they move so fast. I know what it feel like to think 'what if' but, we cannot worry about it and make ourselves sick either! I am glad he is okay and the pictures are cute!!!!

  2. The same thing happened to me ! But there was no one in the bath , it was draining from my bath, she was lying flat on her belly flapping her arms and legs like she was swimming with her face about a centimeter from the water. I about died !! But then when I realized everything was okay , I also snapped a pic, and its adorable, but don't want to take that pic again . She was about a year old!! So scary, and yes sooo FAST !!