Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do you LAUGH or do you CRY?


Saturday was Saxon's 5th Birthday.
We decided to have some family over and make dinner, and then all go get ice cream at
It's Saxon's favorite place because they have a loft upstairs with arcade games and air hockey.
Right when we got there, both boys rattled off their orders to me and then jetted upstairs to play.  There was a big line behind us so I started placing all of our orders.  

Then I see Bridger's little face peek around the corner at the top of the stairs and he yells,
"MOM!  I just pooped on the stairs..."

I'm in the middle of ordering (and I don't want the kid who works there to know what happened, or anyone in line for that matter...) so I nudged Nate.
He was totally oblivious.  
"Bridger needs you."
"He just does, could you go check on him?"
"What happened?"
(Now I'm getting really frustrated...I wanted to push him in Bridger's direction and say "Go see for yourself!" but I didn't want to make a scene.)
"He needs to go to the bathroom."
Then Bridger yells again:
My brother Gregor was with us and bursts out laughing,
"Too late, I think he already did go to the bathroom..."
Nate finally catches on and heads toward the stairs.
Then he comes tearing down the stairs with Bridger in his arms.
He runs into the bathroom, puts Bridger on the potty, then goes running back up the stairs with a HUGE wad of paper towels.

Then Saxon comes running down the stairs:
"MOM!  I have to poop!"
Of course he does...
So I grabbed him and ran into the women's bathroom.
We made it just in time, but I missed whatever else was happening with Nate and Bridger.
Finally, we all made it out of the bathrooms back upstairs.
When we all sat down, I asked Nate,
"Do we need to go get Bridger new shorts."
"No, he's fine."
"Did you just take off the poopy underwear?"
"No, it didn't get in his underwear."
 I can always tell when Nate's hiding something...
"What happened then?"
"Well...when I got him dressed to come here, I let him go commando..."

Our whole group burst out laughing.
That's how he pooped on the stairs.
There were no underwear to catch it.
That's what happens when it's Daddy's turn to get them dressed...

It was one of those moment's when I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
I was embarrassed, grossed out, and yet, somehow, we were all cracking up.
Because at this point, what else can you do?

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  1. Ok I think this is hilarious. It is way better to find the humor in situations like this than to get all upset and twisted up about them. I say LAUGH every time! :]