Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Do you ever have moments when you mind tells you that you know better?
When you know you're taking the easy way out?
When you just hope no one is looking?

I seem to be having lots these moments lately...
Confessions of a busy mom:

1.  Sometimes I let my kids drink my diet coke.
2.  Sometimes I let my boys pee on a tree so we don't have to go hunt down a bathroom.
3.  Sometimes I give in to a treat just so they stop begging!
4.  Sometimes I let them wear their costumes out and about just so they stay entertained while I run errands.
5.  Sometimes (lots of times) I let them watch a movie in bed to fall asleep.
6.  Sometimes (way too often) I let them sleep in my bed.
7.  Sometimes we go to the gas station to get sodas just because we're bored.
8.  Sometimes I lie because I'm tired of saying "no, because I said so."  You know, things like "the store is out of treats today" or "the library doesn't let us borrow movies, only books," etc.
9.  Sometimes I let them have a slim fast for breakfast (they call it "chocolate milkshake") because we are running so late...  We also eat quesadillas A LOT for dinner...quick and easy.
10.  Sometimes I let them get away with something because I am too tired to fight another battle.  Even when my mind is screaming "you should say something, they can't get away with this.." I am esp. guilty of this in public.  I may threaten "we are going to leave if you do that one more time!"  But if we really leave the grocery store before I am done shopping, I am the one who has to go back and do it all over again.

(Sigh...)  I guess I have a few things to work on :)


  1. Sounds like my life. My boys are playing with toys in the kitchen right now even though our rule is no toys in the kitchen all because I'm to tired to make them stop. They're happy and content and not driving me crazy at the moment. *sigh* Guess I need to get working on that too.

  2. I needed that I thought I was alone in all of those....

    I recently found your cute blog and enjoy it and I used to live by you in pemberly!!so fun to see your cute family again!